Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hey dolls!

Today's OOTD was inspired by Chloe Moretz's cover shoot for the March 2013 issue of Teen Vogue. It involved a contrast between the skater vs. princess vibe, which I thought was pretty different! I decided to wear a huge sweater with a sparkly skirt and creepers to match, and this was the result!


Sweater - UK
Skirt - Zara
Tote - Fyunka
Creepers - Forever 21

My brother got me the sweater as a gift from when he came back from the UK. I love that it's totally rebellious and says "Dope" on it (teehee). The skirt is featured in quite a few of my other looks on Lookbook, and it's just perfect for adding a bit of a fairytale kick into an outfit! The creepers were an impulse buy from the Forever 21 at Seef Mall, and I definitely do not regret them. They're definitely ten times more girly than any other flatforms I've seen (other than, of course, the Jeffrey Campbell X Wildfox Couture Ballet Platforms which I do not own, but then again, a girl can dream.)

 The bag is a quirky shot of fun into the outfit, thanks to Fyunka! It features a quote by Carrie Bradshaw; but the twist is, it's in arabic, which I totally adore. It says: "I like my money right where I can see it - hanging in my closet". I absolutely am in love with this tote, as my life motto is just bluntly highlighted in cute pinks and purples for the whole world to see.

Don't forget to find the links to shop  the wonderful Fyunka here for more doses of cute and quirky , and follow them on instagram and twitter here!

I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to leave any comments in the section below!
 Until next time!
Zayn Al-Qahtani

Friday, March 22, 2013

INSPIRATION POST + Blog overhaul!

Hey fabulous!

Today's post is going to be full of photos that have been inspiring me lately. I haven't done a post like this in absolute ages, so I decided to lounge out on my four poster in a pair of Wildfox sweats and write it out for you. Make sure to keep visiting my blog throughout the course of next week, as I'm going to be posting a new shoot which includes another lovely Fyunka, as well as a competition with Motel Rocks, so stay tuned!


Let me start off by saying that Bambi is one of my all-time favorite models, and her ear cuff here is to die for.

This is one of the very few times I'm lusting after a watch. The Alice in Wonderland theme is truly clever, and it looks great.

This ombre is flawless! I love how the brown seamlessly fades into the platinum blonde.

Edgy piercings have been my calling lately - I need to find a horseshoe barbell to put in my helix piercing.

Been lusting after a pair of these Wildfox Couture Bel Air sunnies for ages! A permanent recording on my wish list.

Everything about this photo is absolutely perfect - The skirt, clutch, arm candy, nails and not to mention the perfect body (sniff), are all made for each other.

The XX's new album Coexist - flawless in every possible way.

God, I have been craving macaroons for the longest time possible! (and yes, a week of not having them does count as craving.)

Adele Andea - Untitled (2011) - This Neon Sculpture is one of the most amazing art pieces I have ever laid eyes on.

I've been lusting over RiRi's style choices lately - This DKNY tracksuit paired with the twist braid and mesh heels amount to the perfect dose of airport-chic.

  You almost can't handle all the perfection, can you?Let me know your opinion and what your favorite part of today's dose of style was in the comments section below!

Also, I wanted to talk about the changes my blog has been going through. As you may have probably noticed, I have changed my blog's URL & name from Grunge Faerie to Musings of A Moonchild, permanently. Why, you ask? Well, the new name just agrees with me more, and it felt like the right thing to do. I think the reason people read my blog is because it is so personal and its core is solely made out of my thoughts, and I want to keep that intact and show that aspect of it through the name and theme of my blog. I'm also expanding, to write not only about fashion and beauty, but also about every other possible thing that I like, so I don't restrict my writing to just one area that I love.

 I really hope you guys enjoyed this post, and you can request future posts here. Until next time, stay tuned!

Zayn Al-Qahtani

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The March 2013 Hot List

Hey guys!

I'm actually starting to really get into this monthly segment! As you beautiful people know, I've been making a list for what I personally find 'hot' each month. It has been four months since I started this segment- time flies! I hope you enjoy this month's list as much as I enjoy lusting over every single thing that's on it.


1. Faux Fur Vests

Eddie Bauer for Glamour Magazine

There's just something timeless about wearing a fur vest. I know there are many people who disagree with wearing actual fur, so the faux fur alternative looks just as chic and glamorous. To keep it on the classy side, don't add any prints to the outfit and don't wear any other furry items. These are also perfect for March because it is still cold, but it's warming up and this is the perfect way to wrap up without suffocating yourself in fabric!

2. Lavender Lipstick

"Airborne Unicorn" by LimeCrime Cosmetics

There's something about lavender lipstick that's been compelling to me recently. It's not pink, nor is it purple; and it's also not too girly as well as not being too in-your-face. It's such a sweet yet edgy color. The color shown in the picture above is "Airborne Unicorn" by Lime Crime Makeup.

3. "Give Me Your Hand" - The Ready Set

It's hard to believe that this song has been around for almost  a year now, and I've only heard of it a couple of weeks ago. This is my jam at the moment, other than the next song on the list, and it makes me feel all dance-y and upbeat. Perfect party anthem!

4. Baby Lips by Maybelline

Can you say most surprising launch ever? I went shopping yesterday and was totally psyched to find out that Boots began stocking the Baby Lips collection. They only stock three shades so far (which I had to get - duh!). They are super soft on the lips and I might actually do a review on them, they are also going to be featured in my next haul video!

5. "Fine One One" by Benefit

Also a new launch in Bahrain, Benefit's "Fine One One" is a sheer brightening lip and cheek tint made up of three colors: watermelon, bubble gum pink and cotton candy pink. In the words of Benefit, it is supposed to "give lift, shape, and pop". The colors are so sweet and perfect for a fresh faced, 60's girl next door look for spring. It is available at Sephora!

6. Almond Shaped Nails

Tumblr, Unsourced

I have been growing my nails out strong just so I can finally get them filed like this! This almond (or mountain peak) shape has been seen on Lana Del Rey, Lady GaGa, Rihanna, and almost any fierce fashionista you can think of. They are so glamorous and make the average hand look that much more interesting. (P.s - Do not get extremely long acrylic almond nails - they will look tacky).

7. Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Hologram

Excuse the overly kawaii edit, but oh my god, you guys. Just when you (and I) thought that Jeffrey Campbell has done it all - velvet, spikes, light up heels, rainbow flatforms - he goes and dips the cult classic Lita into a pool of Hologram, and this was the spectacular result. Totally lusting over these bad boys (or girls?) until they are finally mine!

8. Neon Coral 

This color reminds me of a more vibrant peach-orange hybrid. It's not pink, but it's not red either. Neon Coral is a shade that's going to be so in for the springtime. I'm planning to wear this in the form of comfy oversize sweaters (torn at the seams of course). H&M has already been getting into this trend, so go and stock up on this color while the pieces last!

9. The New Ombre

Ombre hair has drowned in the rivers of classic popular hairstyles, and now its little sister is starting to emerge - the messy dip dye. As seen in many renowned magazines such as Teen Vogue (March 2013), the new ombre involves dying random strands of you hair different colors, all the way to the top or three fourths of your head, starting from the tips; instead of dying the whole bottom half one color. This looks more festival-ready and young - perfect for our generation. This look is also achieved easily with hair chalk, so there's no reason not to try it out!

10. Happy Mother's Day!


So guys, today is Mother's Day! This woman carried you around in her stomach for nine months, like hard to burn fat - gladly. When she conceived this hard to burn fat, she fed it, cleaned it, and changed its diapers, all while trying to entertain it - for years at a time. Soon, this fat turned into a child, and that child turned into a teenager, and then an adult. Finally, when you are her age, you will truly appreciate your mother for everything she has done for you. She is your guardian and loves you with all her heart. So after reading this, go and give your mother a hug, and wish her a nice, warm Happy Mother's Day.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this Hot List, and tell me what your favorite parts are and which trends/products you would love to try in the comments section below!

Until next time!
Zayn Al-Qahtani

Thursday, March 7, 2013

DIY: Henna Tattoo Tutorial!

Hey fabulous!

I know it's been absolute ages in blogging years since I've last posted (to be more exact, a month and four days) but I feel like it's been forever. I feel so bad leaving the blog and being M.I.A for the past month; but having to juggle second and third term finals within two months of each other, as well as five O Level Exams thrown into the mix, it gets pretty hard. I'm trying greatly to keep you guys as updated as possible though, so here are a few bullet points of what's been happening recently!

  • I've started my finals revision week so I'm pretty focused on trying to pass at the moment.
  • My phone got stolen at the ISC Local Tournament last Saturday, which means I won't be able to update you guys on Instagram for a while (searing cry).
  • I made a February Favorites video on Youtube, which you can check out here.
  • I also made a DIY video, which I will talk about now!

You guys have been asking me to post a DIY on the blog for ages, and I'm finally going to do it in the most interactive form possible - a video! I decided to make one about Henna Tattooing because it's something I believe is both stylish and cultural - plus points right there. So here it is, and I hope you enjoy it!


I had so much fun making this video and got a really cool henna design out of it! If you have any more DIY video requests, send them to me here. I'm glad you're reading this right now, because it means you're still part of my story even though there are a few backspaces every few chapters, so thank you. Comment what you think of this tutorial below!

Until next time!
Zayn Al-Qahtani